Bible 4 Life

Celebrating 400 years of the Bible¬†in English with activities around Worcester¬†to promote God’s message of hope for all.

The Bible in an Hour

Whether you are coming to the Bible for the first time or you are long term reader, this presentation will give you an excellent overview of the main structure, characters and themes in the Bible in just under an hour.

Our 2 presenters will take you on a dynamic and graphical tour of the worlds’ greatest book from Genesis through the establishment of the Israelite nation, the birth, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, the establishment of the earlier church right through to Revelation.

Our Bible timeline will help you put each event into historical context. Our ‘Book of the Bible’ indicator will help you see the books that are being referred to.

As a new reader you will gain an excellent context for your reading. Established readers will be reminded of how this amazing book fits together across authors, lands and centuries.

No charge. No pressure. We just want to help you understand for yourself.

One book. One hour. Too good to miss. Contact us for the next scheduled run.

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